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How to Buy the Best Recumbent Bike – Step By Step Guide

There are two kinds of recumbent bike available on the market: the upright and the recumbent bikes. Upright bikes look a lot like the regular bikes you see in the streets, while the recumbent ones allow you to sit properly while doing your workout. Tons of best recumbent bike reviews say these are the better options when it comes to cycling exercises, so let's take a good look at them.

What are Best Recumbent Bikes?​

Defined as a bicycle that puts riders in a “laid-back reclining position,” recumbent bikes provide a more comfortable way to do some indoor cycling. Ergonomic in design, it distributes the weight nicely over a large area with ample support by the back and buttocks. Compared to traditional upright bicycles, this variety will let your body weight rest on a small portion of your sitting bones, hands, and feet.​

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Also commonly referred to as “bents,” stationary recumbent bikes are also available to make your workouts easy, efficient, and comfortable. You can find a wide variety of these exercise equipment in gyms or stores, so you can easily get one for your home as well.​

Advantages of Stationary Recumbent Bikes​

Recumbent bikes have a wide variety of advantages that might just convince you to get one for your home use. Some of these are:​

  • Comfort  - Unlike the upright bike, the ergonomic seating makes these bikes a lot more comfortable. Some may argue that workouts shouldn't be comfy, but if you already ache in certain parts of your body and a little impact workout is the only way you can stretch your muscles, a stationary recumbent bike will be your best choice for an exercise equipment.
  • Easier for the lumbar spine - With the more comfortable seat that won't put pressure on your tail bone, this bike is friendlier to your lower back. With this exercise equipment, you don't have to worry about readjusting your bike so you can avoid lower back pains because it will already do that for you.
  • Ideal for warm ups - Stationary bikes are best used for warm-ups, so it's no surprise that bents can also get the job done effectively.
  • Perfect for building stamina - The more time you spend on an exercise machine, the better stamina you'll eventually have. This proves true for the recumbent bike as well, especially since you can devote more time to it due to comfort.
  • Safer - Some experts also consider these bikes safer than upright bikes because it won't give you the urge to stand on the pedals and be at risk of tipping over. This makes these stationary bikes suitable for those with neurological conditions and disorders, as they're safer and easy to use.
  • Because you get to sit comfortably while working out, you might be able to extend your cycling sessions with these stationary bikes quickly. This will let you burn more calories and strengthen your endurance even further.
  • Hands free exercise - Most stationary recumbent bikes are designed not to need your hands to do anything during the workout. This allows you to do whatever else you might want to do while sweating it out. You can multitask like a boss and read a book, watch TV, or even knit while on the bike!

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How to Buy the Best Recumbent Bike

So, how do you choose the best recumbent bike? Here are some of our tips.​

  • If you can, try some bikes before you buy. Even if you're planning to purchase an exercise equipment online, trying some out in the store is an attractive way to get the feel of the stationary bike and know if it's going to be comfortable enough with your regular exercise.
  • Determine whether the bike is easy to use. Especially if you're going to share the exercise equipment with other folks in your household, you might need to readjust it before every use. It should be easy to adjust and use in general, so you won't have a hard time to start your sessions every time.
  • Weight is also an important factor for exercise equipment. Choose one that can carry the weight of the user, so you can be sure to get the exercise bike will be able to take your weight while you work out. The weight of the actual equipment is also important to consider as it can determine the stability of the thing. The heavier the stationary bike is, the more stable it can be.
  • Make sure to read the best recumbent bike reviews. These snippets of information will tell you which one will give you the best value for your money, so make sure to search for them while you're on the hunt for some quality bents.
  • Look at the safety features carefully, especially if you have small kids and animals at home. Look for those with covered chain and flywheel, so your little ones won't get tempted to stick their hands in and get injured because of their curiosity.
  • Recumbent bikes also typically come with additional accessories that are designed to make your workout easier and more efficient. Some have built in fans, heart rate monitor, speakers, water bottle holder, pedometers, speedometers, and a whole lot more. You won't need all, but if you think an extra feature on your stationary bike will make your workout easier and more efficient, then look for a recumbent bike product that has it.
  • Price is also an important factor when shopping for a stationary recumbent bike. This equipment can have costs that vary broadly, so having a good budget will help you narrow down options available. Just make sure not to go exceptionally cheap, as you tend to get what you pay for with these products.

Final Thought

Now that you know a whole lot of stationary recumbent bikes, finding the right one shouldn't be a big hassle for you anymore. Relying on the best recumbent bike reviews are still some of the best ways you can bring home a quality unit, so make sure to do ample research as well.​

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