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Best Upright Exercise Bike Step By Step Buying Guide

Indoor cycling is one of the most important workouts today due to its convenience and accessibility. You can do sessions on your own or in class, and you'll be able to achieve your fitness goals. You can even do it in the very comforts of your home. All you need is the best upright exercise bike, and you're on your way to fitness.

What is a Best Upright Exercise Bike?​

An upright exercise bike is what most people know as the stationary bike. This exercise equipment looks a lot like the traditional bikes you see on the streets today. They're called upright bikes because when you ride one, you will be in an upright position. This requires more effort for the lower extremities to perform, allowing you to stretch and tone your muscles.​

Upright exercise bikes are also popular options for stationary bikes nowadays. With their excellent performance, they're are widely preferred by many, especially for home gyms.​

Upright vs. Spinner Bike​

When searching for the best upright exercise bike, you might also come across with the spinner bike. The latter is often considered as an upright, although both are different from each other. Upright bikes use electromagnetic induction to create the resistance needed to give users a good workout.

Spinner bikes, on the other hand, have weighted flywheels connected to the pedals, resembling a regular bike, to create the necessary resistance for an exercise. They also typically require users to take a crouching position, as you would on an actual bike, while upright bikes are designed in different ways. This allows you some freedom in choosing how comfortable you want to be while you're on the stationary bike.​

A lot of indoor cycling enthusiasts also prefer upright bikes over spinners because of the availability of other units that can provide workouts for other muscle groups as well. Aside from the pedaling, that is beneficial for your lower extremities; some upright bikes also have dual action arms that can exercise your arms, abs, chest, and back. This proves to be beneficial for those who want to get a whole body workout in one go.​

While Spinner bikes have their very own fans, upright bikes may still be a better option for those who are looking for exercise equipment for home use.​

How to Choose the Best Upright Exercise Bike​

With all of the great things, an upright exercise bike has, how do you buy one? Here's a step by step guide to help you out.​

  • Stay away from department stores - Department stores hardly ever carry quality exercise equipment as they don't pay much attention to such. Even if you find what you believe is a reasonably priced exercise bike at your local department store, don't go for it.
  • Test different units before purchasing - It is essential to get the feel of the upright exercise bike you're thinking of buying as this will help you determine if it will be a right fit for you. Go to your local sporting goods store or specialty exercise equipment shop and test out a few upright stationary bikes available.
  • Look for important features - While you're testing upright bikes to get their feel, look for these few things to make sure that they'll be the right fit for you: 
    • Stability - It should be able to carry your weight and movements. If the bike is wobbly, it might not be able to hold up your body and workout.
    • Comfort - It is essential that you are comfortable with the exercise bike that you will be buying, so you will keep on using it continuously. As regular workouts require motivation, an uncomfortable bike might just work oppositely.
    • Right Positioning - Getting in the right position is vital when it comes to indoor cycling, so the bike you should get needs to get your body in the proper position for an optimal workout. If you're bent in the wrong way, you might not be able to stretch and exercise your muscles properly.
    • Difficulty Adjustment - The best upright exercise bike should also have an easy access button or knob for adjusting the difficulty of your workout. Resistance is essential in a challenging indoor cycling session, so make sure to get a unit with various difficulty settings.
    • Size - If you have limited space at home, you might want an exercise bike that's easier to store.
    • Weight Limit - Looking at how much load the bike can take is also important so you know if it can grab your body weight and movements while you're working out. You don't want your bike to collapse mid-exercise, as that can cause serious injuries, so make sure to look for a bike that has a high weight limit.
    • Different Additional Features - There are tons of other features that you can find in various upright exercise bikes. Some have their MP3 players, bottle holders, and timers among other useful and impressive features.
  • Computerized or Non-computerized - The next thing you want to do is to consider whether to opt for a computerized or non-computerized exercise bike. Electronic bikes usually come with a small computer that could do various things, but might require batteries or plugging into work. Noncomputerized bikes, on the other hand, are pretty bare. They will have their additional features, but not as astounding as its computerized counterparts. It's entirely up to you, really, how to choose which one you prefer.
  • Read Reviews - There are lots of reviews on various upright exercise bikes that you can find online today, so you can always rely on information available from these feedback to make your decision.
  • Compare Prices - Make sure to shop around and analyze prices before you purchase an exercise bike. There are lots of vendors offering different products, so you can be sure to find high prices for the very item you're eyeing.

Final Thought

Now that you know how to get the best upright exercise bike, you can be sure that you've already taken the first step in improving your health. Just make sure to consistently and continuously work out, so you can get the most out of your exercise equipment.

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